12 januari 2019

Aloha Fest 3

The Chukulos + del-Toros + Aloha Sluts + Terrorsaurs + Akulas + Hicadoolas
Open 20:00 / Aanvang 20:30
Voorverkoop 12 euro

An evening of surf music & culture, part III
Six of the best European surf bands, plus a mini market with tiki art & fashion (Greaser & the Doll), surf record store (Surfin’s Back Again) and barber shop (Bigsby).

del-Toros (NL) – 23:30 – main stage
Imagine Kyuss playing Dick Dale songs! Stonersurf! It got them a splitsingle with Californian stonerlegends Fatso Jetson. On their latest album they collaborate with Peter te Bos (Claw Boys Claw) and sax-player Bertus Borgers!

The Chukulos (Chile) – 22:50 – Aloha Stage
A Latin powersurf trio from Chile, South-America! Their current homebase is Berlin, what seems to become Europe’s surf city nr 1! They just released a spectacular new album called Deep Latin Surf Attack.

Aloha Sluts (NL) – 22:10 – main stage
The hosts of tonight had a very succesfull 2018. Imagine a surfband on festival posters with big names as Descendents, Pennywise, Mummies, Dead Kennedys and more! 666% SURFABILLY! Imagine Link Wray & the Sonics had 3 little sons who started a surf band….

Terrorsaurs (UK) – 21:30 – aloha stage
Back on popular demand! They tore up the Aloha Stage at the
first edition of Aloha Fest and left everybody breathless! Now they are back, with a new double album on the legendary US Wild Records. Swamp surf that will rock your sox off!

Akulas (B) – 21:00 – main stage
Grinding organs, guitars drenched in reverb, catchy tunes it seems like a trademark for surf bands from Gent, Belgium. Remember Fifty Foot Combo? Akulas sound like the angry little brother!

Hicadoolas (D) – 20:30 – aloha stage
For the second year in a row, a Berlin band is opening Aloha Fest. A start of a new great tradition? Hicadoolas combine old school surf instrumentals with a female singer. They just released a new EP that got raving (international) reviews!


zaterdag 13 november

Glennis Grace

vrijdag 14 januari


Wolffpack Tour
zaterdag 15 januari


'De Wildernis' in de Maaspoort
donderdag 16 december

Weihnachtsfest mit Heino

in de Maaspoort
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