06 november 2021

Nifra b2b Fisherman

Airwalk Presents: Open To Close
Open 15:00 / Aanvang 15:00 / Einde 00:00
Voorverkoop 21 euro
Early Bird 16 euro
Super Early Bird 11 euro
Leeftijd: 18+

Two of the most anticipated artists in today’s Trance scene are about to share the stage again… and when the ‘Queen of Trance’ and IDMA nominated; Nifra and ‘Mr. Crazy By Nature’; Fisherman share the stage, you know you gotta buckle up. With their driven, aggressive and pounding sound, they manage to break down every venue they enter. Both of them have created massive anthems like ‘Apache’, ‘Never Forget’, ‘Man vs Machine’, ‘Cabin Fever’ and their hit remixes for Armin van Buuren’s ’Runaway’ and Markus Schulz’ ‘Upon My Shoulders’ and ‘Far’. All absolutely dominated thousands of dance floors worldwide.

With their energetic b2b sets at our first two editions of Airwalk – Indoor Trance Festival and their most recent team-up at the world’s biggest Trance event A State Of Trance in Utrecht still fresh in our minds we are getting ready for an absolute next level experience. A 9 hour journey with some musical surprises that will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Nifra & Fisherman; individually strong, together unstoppable.


zaterdag 18 januari

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Call It What You Want
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