24 maart 2018

Trippedelic: Beyond Reality

w/ Bitkit + Lucid Spirit + Shivanki + Elela + more
Open 23:00
Voorverkoop (incl. 1,- servicekosten) 11 euro
Deurverkoop (incl 1,- servicekosten) 13,50 euro
Leeftijd: 18+

ॐ Trippedelic – Beyond Reality ॐ

The psychedelic story continues:
In a world where reality is becoming more and more absurd, we want to take you to a place even more preposterous. A place you would not have thought of in your wildest imagination and where all the unthinkable, suddenly becomes thinkable. We will take you on a trip, beyond reality…

ॐ Trippedelic stage – Psychedelic Trance ॐ
⋅ Bitkit ⋅ (Dacru Records, BE)

⋅ Lucid Spirit ⋅ (Psychedelic Rave, NL)

⋅ Shivanki ⋅ (3rd BIT Events/DIY Soundsystem, NL)

⋅ Elela ⋅ (Dropland Recordings, DE)

⋅ JayCee ⋅ (Trippedelic, NL)

ॐ Afterglow stage – Psychedelic Chillout ॐ
⋅ Bliepertronic ⋅ (Independent, NL)

⋅ Invisible Ralf ⋅ (Gaia Psybient Music, NL)

⋅ MDMAzing ⋅ (Trippedelic, NL)

ॐ Deco team ॐ
⋅ Sun and Moon Deko ⋅ DE

ॐ Location ॐ
Poppodium Grenswerk
Peperstraat 10, 5911 HA Venlo
The Netherlands

ॐ Tickets ॐ
Early Birds: €7.50 ⋅ SOLD OUT ⋅
Pre sale: €10,-
Door: €12,50

Ticket link: tinyurl.com/trippedelic2

This is an 18+ event!

See you on the trance floor, let’s get trippy!
Team Trippedelic


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